Topping up your loan

For information about early top-up periods, such as Summer, Christmas and Easter you should check our News section. Click here to be taken to the News section.


When you borrow from Knowsley Mutual Credit Union you can only have one loan at a time. However, loans can be topped-up. This is when you apply to borrow more and include refinancing your existing loan.

For example, if you owe £150 and apply for £500 you would receive £350. The total amount you’d owe would be £500 which is the original loan plus the 'Top-up' of £350.

Please do not apply before you’ve made the repayments detailed in the table below:

Topping up your loan
Your weekly payment Your monthly / four-weekly payment You can top-up when you owe less than
£20 to £29 £80 to £119 £130
£30 to £39 £120 to £159 £150
£40 to £59 £160 to £239 £180
£60 to £69 £240 to £279 £250
£70 or more £280 or more £300


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