Joining Knowsley Mutual Credit Union

The common bond for Knowsley Mutual Credit Union is Knowsley, Liverpool, Sefton and West Lancashire.

Credit union membership is open to anyone living or working within this common bond.

It's easy to join. And you'll receive a personal, friendly service.

Adult members need to prove where they live and who they are. We’ll undertake these checks electronically using a Credit Reference Agency. Because of this we'll only contact you if we need more information.

Junior member accounts require a birth certificate and proof of address. We cannot carry out these checks using a Credit Reference Agency. Contact us for more information.

A weekly fee of 10p is applied to adult accounts, when in credit.

Read about what we have to offer. When you're ready, it only takes a few minutes to join and apply for a loan online, or open a savings account.

Apply for a loan or open a savings account right now online