Pre-Paid Visa Cards

 Central Liverpool Credit Union now offers a Pre-Paid Visa Card with several attractive features.

Members can load their card with money available in their Credit Union Account and use the card to have complete control over their money.

Our Pay-as-you-go card gives you all you could want from a payment card, but you can never spend more than you have loaded onto the card.

  • Your Central Liverpool pre-paid card card costs a one off fee of just £3.50 and there are no annual or monthly fees and no charge for making a purchase.
  • 50p will be charged each time we load your card and there is a 75p charge for using an ATM in the UK. But you can get FREE Cash Back – available with participating retailers when you make a purchase
  • It’s easy to top up your card.
    Let us know by phoning (Head-Office-0151 708 5515/Kensington Branch- 0151 263 9353 or Walton Road Branch 0151 207 3020) and we’ll make sure your card is loaded from your credit union account. You will need your card and memorable word. Please ensure you have checked you have the funds in your account beforehand and we will load your card as soon as possible.
  • ATM Cash withdrawals (Worldwide)
  • Shop Online and gain access to offers and discounts only available online!
  • Pay bills online or transfer money direct to a non Visa merchant
  • Load money onto your card, just by a phone call or why not set up an automatic card top-up!
  • Manage your balance and transactions online via a dedicated cardholder website.
  • NO CREDIT CHECK REQUIRED to receive a Prepaid Visa card


You can pay standing orders, wages, tax credits, benefits or similar into your credit union account and use it to load up your Credit Union Visa Card. You can use your Credit Union Visa Card for local and online shopping, but you can only spend what you put on the card.


You choose how to spend or save your money:

James gets his salary paid into his Credit Union Account of £1,250 per month

£100 goes off his loan

£50 goes into his savings

£10 goes into each of his children’s Young Saver savings account

£10 goes into his Christmas account (that he will not be able to access until November)

The remainder of James” salary is loaded onto his pre-paid card for 50p for him to spend in shops, online and abroad.


Mel has her Student bursary paid into her Credit union account

£25 goes into her savings account

£10 goes into her Christmas account

£50 goes into her Bill payment account

The remainder is loaded onto Mel’s card, where she pays her rent and other utillity bills, never falling behind and keeping on track of her income and outgoings

Here at Central Liverpool Credit Union we have many different ways in which members use their pre-paid card, why not contact us to see how easy and cheap it is to use for yourself!

You can use your pre-paid card abroad and overseas at ATM”S to get access to your holiday spends or in shops, bars and restaurants, wherever you see the Visa acceptance mark displayed. Easing the worry of carrying cash around with you.

Members of Central Liverpool Credit union have approved themselves by joining so there are no credit checks or need for extra documents to complete if you wish to apply for a pre-paid card.

For Fees and Charges

For Lost and Stolen cards

The examples on this page are fictional, although based on the real circumstances of many credit union members