The Summer Topup period is now open!

To be eligible for a summer topup you must:

  1. Currently be borrowing a Homemaker Loan

    Summer topup open

    Summer Topups are here!

  2. Have repaid £100 of your existing loan
  3. must not be subject to an IVA, DRO, BRU

Where you do not qualify for a topup of at least £100, the application will be unsuccessful.

All applications are subject to credit checks and standard criteria. For more information about credit checks click here and for more information about the Homemaker Loan criteria click here.


To begin your application click here!

If you need to ask us a question before you apply then click here and complete the contact us form.


If you are currently struggling to repay this, or any other debt, then we highly recommend you click here to be taken to a lot of information and advice we think you will find helpful.

We also have some useful information about borrowing which will be useful to anyone looking to borrow. That information can be found here

If you do not currently have a loan with Knowlsey Mutual Credit Union and would like to find out more then please follow this link to be taken to information about the loan accounts we offer.