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Homemaker Loans

We now offer up to £1500 on our ‘Homemaker loans’ regardless of your employment status. The amount offered is subject to your ability to repay and the quality of your application. Please ask in branch for further information.

Loan Applications

All applications require; Bank statement for each of your accounts- showing the last 30 days transactions and two letters sent to you in the last 3 months

Please allow a minimum of SEVEN days from the date you apply for processing of applications

Prize Draw

The Prize Draw winners list can be found on the left under Quick Links - 'News Headline'

Homemaker Top-Up

Paying      Top-up at
(per week)     less than
£20 £130
£30 £150
£40 £160
£50 £200
£60 £250

Documents needed: last 30 days transactions for each account, Two other documents as proof of residency. Help us keep your records up to date, please inform staff of changes in circumstances.

Instant Plus Loans

Borrow a minimum of £2000 based on your credit score and income.

Minimum criteria: must be at least 20 years old, no CCJs, score of at least 560 with CallCredit (noddle.co.uk) and a minimum basic wage of £1300 per month.

For more information call 0151 545 3380
Knowsley Mutual Credit Union Tel: 0151 545 3380 Email: knowsleymutualcu@yahoo.co.uk
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